Lets List Countries That Refuse Entry to people with a SOR

By Harry53 - 19 Feb 18 5:00 PM

(SOR = Sexual offenders register)
I am writing from the UK and I have a 10 year SOR.
One spin off from this is the restriction of travel. So I thought why don't we all build a listings of countries that are quite rightly protecting children from abusers. I will start the list off but please add to it. Some cojuntries are obvious but others like Japan may still ask the question which pose problems. I want to hear from anyone who has in the last year, known of any problems gaining entry to countries, or that have refused entry. 

There seems to be no listing that is up-to-date, so I thought this would be useful.

For example, I was told that Indonesia was ok to visit, but on posting on an expats forum, it seems most likely not. So here goes....countries I am 95% sure will refuse entry to anyone on the SOR:
10 USA

Some countries like NEW ZEALAND ask if you have ever been refused entry to a country, which means it is best to apply for a visa and disclose details.

Please add to this list as having experienced being refused entry into the Philippines just 8 weeks after visiting, I feel it is of the utmost importance to do research before booking a flight or holiday. To be turned away is the most stressful and embarrassing experience in my entire life. Do NOT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU.
By Albut - 21 Mar 19 6:12 PM

BenS - 7 Sep 18 10:49 AM
Monkos - 28 Aug 18 6:36 PM

Again, they have to tell you if they are going to do that, and they have to have a legitimate reason to think you are going there to commit a new crime.

Can you provide the source of this information?

As far as I know, and according to multiple sources and personal testimonies, the PPU has absolutely no obligation whatsoever to tell you whether they will add a green notice to your passport. Moreover, it is highly likely that they will not tell you. Stories on here of people asking their PPU flat-out whether they have a green notice have always resulted in the PPU refusing to answer.

If you notify travel to any EU or Schengen country, a SISII alert will always be generated. The PPU has no discretion here. But this is not a huge deal (currently), as you have the basically unconditional right to enter any EU country (the existence of convictions is not valid grounds to refuse an EU citizen entry to an EU country). You might get some tough questions but will then be let through.

But if you notify travel to a non-EU, non-Schengen country, as far as I know it is totally up to the PPU's discretion as to whether or not to issue an Interpol green notice, and they don't have to tell you.