mexico & dominican republic advice needed please

By Hayley85 - 18 Apr 14 11:52 AM

i have a 1 year 6 month suspended sentence for possession of class A drugs in spain- which does show up on my uk crb check by the way.
By the time i want to travel to either mexico or Dominican republic my suspended sentence will be over with.

will i have trouble getting into either of these countries? i cant seem to find any good information on the matter :/

has anyone here got experience of travelling to these places with drugs convictions?

many thanks
By BenS - 27 Aug 19 10:51 AM

RMUK - 26 Aug 19 10:12 PM
Well here I am at the pool in Dominican sipping my cocktail. I was a nervous wreck all the way there on the plane and at the customs (quite intimidating now, they have lots of glass booths and they were scanning everyone's passport and taking everyone's fingerprints) but when the lady scanned my passport she didn't even bat an eyelid and stamped it no problem so I suspect there was absolutely no notice sent out by UK NCB.

Now I can relax and enjoy my holiday! 

Just to note though that I asked my PPU officer about the notification he submitted for this trip and he actually confirmed to me in writing by email that he submitted me as a LOW risk with "no specific intelligence) so obviously if you are a medium or high risk then the dominican republic could still be dodgy. 

Hope this helps anyone planning to go there! 

Thanks for the really helpful update, and have a fantastic holiday!