Will I be granted a visa if I have a drug conviction?

By Spireriteboy - 16 May 15 9:08 AM

Hi guys,
So in 2003 I was convicted for supply of a Class A controlled subsatnce - heroin. This is my only offence. I was given a 2 year custodial sentence and served 10 months of it. I was 22 years old (I am now 36, home owner, family, Partner who works for a College etc..). I am now working for the government as a Counsellor - specialising in drug, solvent and alcohol abuse. I have a HND in drug counselling and do a lot of work for charity. I have family in America and would love to visit them.
Realistically, what are my chances of being granted a visa?
Any info would be greatly received Smile
By Simon1983 - 30 Apr 20 4:42 PM

It is important to remember that no country has access to what is help on the PNC 

There are many people within the UK that travel to the USA that have a criminal record and travel on an ESTA, to do this they declare that they have no criminal conviction, they go on holiday have a nice time and then one ack to the UK with no issue.

This would ever be advised if you were ever thinking of working over there, as you would need a visa, which you would have to declare your conviction, and this would pick up that you traveled on an esta and lied. 

If you have no plans to work over there then you should not have a problem

The Unlock Hub has some good information on this subject that is worth reading

Stay safe