Has anyone been granted travel permission from probation whilst on license on here?

By caterpillar - 6 Jan 12 6:36 PM

As thread title really, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with it on here? Good or bad?

I am on license until March next year after getting 16 months for wounding.


I'm back in work now after release in March this year and may be asked to travel to Netherlands, UAE and Khazakhstan within the next 6 - 8 months (for business purposes)
By caterpillar - 6 Jan 12 6:36 PM

Just to keep anyone who is interested updated, probation trust have granted me permission to travel abroad for business purposes. My application was for travel to The Netherlands, returning the same day (business meeting). My index offence is a S.20 wounding and I still have about 4 months on license. I applied about 3 weeks ago and it took this long to get a decision (went all the way up to the regional director or some other such big wig) and it took a bit of chasing from my end. Hoping to apply for further permission on the back of it.
By Christopher Stacey - 18 Jun 08 1:26 PM

Thanks for the update caterpillar. That's really useful.

Through our Helpline, we've had various cases of people being given permission, and it's usually where there is a compelling reason (i.e. not just a holiday). It also varies massively between Probation Areas.

With our new Info Hub, we'll be doing a better job of incorporating these types of experiences into our online info, so we'll put something in about yours - anything you have that might help give more info, please email Thanks.
By caterpillar - 6 Jan 12 6:36 PM

No problem. Spoke to probation officer on monthly meeting and he said mine was the only one that got granted. I don't know how truthful this is. I haven't been supplied with any written correspondence, just a verbal "green light" to travel. In any case I've told him I won't be going until the tail end of January anyway and he said just let him know when / where and when I'm returning - which seems a bit more liberal than me stating I'll be back the same day.

I'll send some info regarding the case when I get time, you can appreciate how busy it is on the run up to Christmas.
By stiched - 21 Jul 14 4:26 PM

Can I just ask out of pure curiosity.

How would probation know whether one has been abroad in between meetings?

Surely if the non-travel condition was so strict then passport would be confiscated and returned on completeion of licence.

At any European and UK passport control - when the passport is scanned - does it show up that the person is either a) convicted, and or b) on licence.
By caterpillar - 6 Jan 12 6:36 PM

Not sure but at the risk of an automatical recall I don't think it's worth the risk. I would imagine there is safeguarding in place to notify The Probation Trust?
By caterpillar - 6 Jan 12 6:36 PM

By the way, I travelled whilst on probation with a verbal agreement - no issues whatsoever. A blanket policy is ridiculous people can't travel whilst on license for work purposes.
By stiched - 21 Jul 14 4:26 PM

Blanket ban is outrageous. If there was meant to be punishment about going abroad then the ocurt should ban from travel, like directorships etc.

Of course I would never go without telling probation at the risk of recall. I was asking out of curiosity as I do not know why they have given me my passport.

I find it implausible that they have safeguarding measures. Probation has difficulty sending faxes from one organisation to another how are they going to know if someone has gone abroad for business or pleasure.
By stiched - 21 Jul 14 4:26 PM

The guidance clearly states that - the licence condition re travel - is not meant to be punitive.

To me this indicates that travel is related to risk only and not as an additional punishment.

If you have been on bail during trial, been to a d cat and conducted paid work and have never absconded.

I cannot see how travel can be refused.
By stiched - 21 Jul 14 4:26 PM

Does anyone know if it is possible to have one of the standard licence conditions removed with the agreement of the probation officer. i.e the one for travel.
By Christopher Stacey - 18 Jun 08 1:26 PM

Hi stiched - I don't think you can get them removed, but you can come to an informal arrangement with Probation that would mean that they would be likely to grant in x,y and z cases. Depends on you, your case and them of course.
By stiched - 21 Jul 14 4:26 PM

Just a quickie....if i have been granted permission to does it work..does probation inform the passport agency? and then My licence condition is lifted from my passport details temporarily....and then put back once I return.?

I ask this as I do not want to be stopped and spoken to about my licence on my return as I am going with people who do not know im on licence. and do not want the embarrasment.

does anyone know how it works?
By caterpillar - 6 Jan 12 6:36 PM

I suppose it depends on the nature of your crime.

The probation officer assigned to me was emphasising the risk of not returning.


I travelled with a colleague (actually my boss, who had supported my application to probation), as far as I could tell, nothing was different or communicated compared to normal travel. I certainly didn't need to do anything different anyway.


I would say it's likely the case that the probation trust would only know about you travelling abroad if they retrospectively checked your passport movements, i.e., there probably isn't a system in place that traces passport movements of people on probation.