Honesty was the best policy

By Pixie - 25 Apr 14 9:18 AM

I came here earlier in the week so worried as my DBS check came back and looked awful, I took the bull by the horns and spoke with my area manager about it and was totally honest about my conviction and she was great, she said she would need to chat to HR but was sure I would be ok. Anyway she called today as she had to cancel our meeting and said she mentioned it to HR who said they would only be looking at safeguarding issues and as it wasn't anything to do with that they were not bothered, my area manager said I didn't need to tell her but was delighted I could trust her and was so honest with and how much respect she had for me.
I was bloody amazed! There are truly some really nice folks out there that see past your conviction, I knew the charity I was working for was amazing but they rock now.
I'm just so chuffed and a weight as been lifted now.
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By forever changes - 7 May 09 7:06 PM

nice to hear
By DeterminedToSucceed - 30 May 14 5:40 PM

Hi Pixie,
Glad everything went well for you! I have to say, since conviction I have met some really genuinely great people - but not always those I should have been able to rely on. I think it was Charles Bukowski who wrote, "If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a jail sentence"!
By Mirrorman - 20 Jun 12 9:03 PM

Happy for you.
By Deb S - 16 Sep 11 1:36 PM

Hi Pixie

That's fantastic news. I agree with you and DeterminedToSucceed, there are some great people out there who are able to see the person and not just the conviction. I guess its human nature for us to only remember the bad guys!!!!!

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By oliviathomas - 10 Feb 15 10:11 AM

“No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.” -Abraham Lincoln
By Mirrorman - 20 Jun 12 9:03 PM

I have the complete opposite opinion.

Never, ever disclose any criminal history to anyone, heed this advice and you'll be fine.
By Victor H - 15 Dec 13 7:37 PM

100% agree with above, but I also think it also depends strongly on what offense was.

UK has a terrible habit of covering its backside approach or just in case, so no one helps anyone anymore its this normal attitude which means no one does anything good.

Naturally rare moments do occur they I suspect are less likely.

No disclosure means you get treated equally and fairly from possible thought crimes and imo thought crimes are an criminal offense.