Let us have your feedback on our updated forum

By Deb S - 15 Aug 16 2:33 PM

Whether you're new to theForum or an existing member, we'd love to hear what you think of it.

Post any comments you have here or drop us an email to 
By Deb S - 23 Mar 17 8:49 AM

Pumpkin - 23 Mar 17 7:08 AM
I also really like the quick links at the top of the forum that take you straight to a list of 'latest' 'popular' and 'unread' posts. I find that this feature is making things much more smoother, productive and accessible for me.

I'd love to see an additional quick link at the top to view a list of threads that don't have any replies.

Hi Pumpkin

Many thanks for your feedback, it's very much appreciated.

I totally understand your concerns around providing details of your conviction. However, this allows us to link members to parts of the site specifically related to their type of offence - for example motoring or sexual offences. Hopefully this means that members can discuss issues which may only relate to their type of conviction, say endorsements for motoring convictions or the Sex Offenders Register for those with sexual offences. 

theForum, has specifically been set up for use by people with convictions and therefore we don't have an option for professionals to join. I think that some of our members may feel quite uncomfortable at the thought of a prison or probation officer reading posts.

I certainly have a look at merging some of the sub-forums. There are a lot of them and now that theForum's been up and running for about 7 months, it will be a good time to see which of the sub-forums are being used and which ones aren't. We'll also review the matter of encryption - I'm keen to encourage more people to join and use theForum and any way that helps this will be given serious consideration.

Thanks again for taking the time to give us your input.

Does anybody else have any thoughts theForum? What do you think is working well?  Are there way's we could improve it?