Why does ACRO ask for the name of the embassy your applying for a VISA at ? do they alert embassies ?

By Dani - 5 Sep 16 9:48 PM

I asked for a police certificate from ACRO, and while completing the request form, there is this question (which embassy are you applying for a visa at ?) does it mean that ACRO have alerted US embassy about my case ? please help, I had a caution for shoplifting 2 years ago, I was a student back then depressed and hopeless, but today I need to go to the US for a business trip, I am still not sure I wanna disclose my CR to the US embassy on the DS160 form  because chances are they won't grant me a VISA, and the fact that I asked for Police certificate worries me a lot.. I am worried US embassy already know about my CR from ACRO.

please note: I am not a UK citizen, so I have to apply for a visa anyway. 
By AJSD - 27 Nov 19 11:32 AM

Hi Debi - how did all of this work out for you ?? It’s been a while but pls share an update. Thank you and hope to hear from you