will a conviction in Switzerland be spent in the UK?

By Glasse - 18 Feb 13 3:04 AM

Hi All, I'm new here and would like to have some of your collective advise and wisdom on an unusual problem I'm facing at the moment.. I basically have a record dating back to 2003 from Switzerland which recently came up in a Basic Disclosure Scotland check as part of the screening process for a job i'd applied to in the UK.

From some basic Google research, my understanding is that according to Swiss law, my crime (handling of stolen goods), is supposed to be considered spent and so the record should be removed from general access by January this year 2013. I have recently contacted the Swiss criminal records bureau and they sent me a legal document which clearly indicates that I do not have a criminal record in their country.

My problem right now is that clearly there seems to be some data held on me within the PNC database which Disclosure Scotland has accessed, and from there my 2003 record was made public to the company that I had applied to, which incidentally lost me the job offer ("job offer rescinded"Wink..

Has anybody come across such a problem.. ?!

Ps. I'm a UK citizen and have had no other problems with the law since..
By Yankee - 28 Aug 18 6:42 PM

Monkos - 28 Aug 18 2:07 PM

How on earth did Disclosure scotland even find out about in the first place?

System called ECRIS shares foreign conviction information with your home country. Details on UNlock's information hub (see link below)

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