Would like recommendation for a lawyer, current one has let me down

By Monkos - 19 Oct 16 2:27 PM

I have suspended 6 months sentence that is 'spent' by the 2.5 years rule, and a SOPO and SOR registration that still has a few years left to run.

My lawyer assured me that a BD certificate would therefore not show anything because it was spent. He further reassured me that any agency applying for a certificate on my behalf would not be directly sent it, it would only be sent to me to pass on.

He was wrong on both counts. The BD showed the full convictions, because I understand the SOPO remains valid. Even though DS's own website implies that SOR and court order "Prescribed Court Orders & Sex Offenders Notification Requirements" are not disclosed, however in the event it seems that they are. Therefore the DS website is misleading too.

That would not have been so bad, if it was just sent to me, but it was sent to the employment agency too, resulting in humiliation for me.

I would like to raise a complaint with DS, if only because the actual convictions listed had inaccuracies that need to be corrected anyway, and I don't know how to get this corrected.

I would also like a better lawyer! If anyone can recommend one actually competent with dealing with this sort of thing. I asked my lawyer what he's going to do about his bad advice in terms of damage control and he's now ignoring me. And I would like to raise a complaint about my lawyer for giving me incorrect advice!

Any tips?
By JASB - 20 Mar 20 12:59 PM

dennisOG - 20 Mar 20 11:13 AM
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