Help Needed - Incorrect Allegation in Notes

By mikec1979 - 13 Nov 16 11:05 PM

Hi all,

Around 6 years ago I had an unfounded allegation made against me. I was an NVQ Assessor and was accused by my ex employer of sending inappropriate messages to learners.

It was completely untrue, they tried to ruin my career as I whistle-blew on them for filing fraudulent paperwork to the skills funding agency.

I was spoken to by the police, not a formal interview, it was in my kitchen at home. No formal complaint was made against me.  This all appears in the "notes" section of my DBS certificate as the Chief Inspector deemed it appropriate to disclose as he thought I worked with vulnerable groups.  I do not, and did not work with vulnerable adults. I worked with people that work in the care industry.

I have appealed to the Chief Inspector to have this removed which has recently been denied.

Please can anyone offer any advice or feedback? This is affecting my ability to work in my chosen industry and currently I have to work in a job paying on average £12,000 a year less.  I have a family with 2 kids, a partner and this is having a huge affect on my family life. 

Thank you