Second reading in the House of Lords to amend the ROA

By Deb S - 1 Feb 17 8:26 AM

Hi Guys 

Not sure if you've seen this on the main Unlock website but Chris Stacey has commented on Lord Ramsbotham's Private Members Bill on amending the ROA. 

You can read more here

By GaryTS - 17 Aug 18 10:39 AM

BenS - 17 Aug 18 10:36 AM
GaryTS - 17 Aug 18 9:59 AM

Would it not raise alarm bells with the employer if you were to challenge this matter directly? Surely they would ask or be thinking at the very least. "If you got nothing to hide why are you bothering challenging this?"
Hi Neo,

I haven't done it myself, but it seems like the DBS have consciously set up a procedure whereby if you challenge it, the employer doesn't know you've challenged it.

According to the Unlock information, you send off the illegal DBS form with your work as if nothing is amiss, then as soon as you've put it in the post, you write an email to the DBS to challenge it. The DBS then raise it with the employer. Maybe the DBS phrase it in a way that makes it look like the DBS itself wants to check with the employer whether they're really allowed to do the standard/enhanced DBS, rather than making it look like you have challenged it? I don't know. I wonder if anyone on here has any experience of doing this.

Hi Ben

that makes sense if it is in fact the way you mention, If that is the case then 100% people should be challenging these matters at every opportunity available.

Yes i would like to hear from anyone who has experience with this matter.

thanks again for your input.