Eurostar / Eurotunnel

By Yankee - 8 Mar 17 5:34 PM

To share some recent experiences (as someone who has to notify).

Eurostar - quick look at my passport both ends only. No questions, no 'discrete' checks. Same in both Paris and Brussels.

Eurotunnel with car - quick look on way out, nothing more. Lot longer process on way back - passport obviously flagged on UKBA system and the guy didn't really know what to do, so a long time asking all the usual questions - where had we been, how long away etc. and he wrote all the answers down by hand on paper. Not a big issue as my fellow travellers aware of the situation
By BenS - 14 Mar 17 12:21 PM

I used to live abroad, while I was on the register.

The local police I deal with in the UK had no problem with me moving. The only logistical thing to do was to do a foreign travel notification whenever I returned to the UK. If I didn't know the next time I would be visiting, they simply leave the return date blank with a comment.

I moved to a capital city and got a standard office job where English was the main language, but it obviously helps a lot to learn the local language.

With regard to checks, most EU countries do not have the austere level of checks that the UK has. In the country I was in (a western European country), employers are forbidden point blank from asking about criminal records unless you are applying for a job working with children, vulnerable people, security, etc. There was no "basic disclosure" or anything like that. Most EU countries are much more respectful of privacy.