Criminal record checks - Job Offered

By JamminMan - 27 Apr 17 1:37 PM


I've been offered a job working for a large retailer within IT and I'm concerned they will want to do a DBS or criminal record check.

I was convicted and spent 6 months in prison over 10 years ago for a serious crime which is now "spent". My concern is that I will be checked and although I do not have to disclose I could loose this opportunity.

Since this role is not handling sensitive data, not working with children or vulnerable adults and not in the public sector is the only type of check this retailer request a basic disclosure and if that is the case Will my "spent" conviction not show up?

Thanks for you help.
By Deb S - 2 May 17 8:36 AM

Hi JamminMan 

I agree with AB2014, this should only be a basic check but let us know what happens. 

Good luck.