Proper way to complain, or even do I complain?

By NigelV2 - 3 May 17 10:22 AM

Not sure how to put this, or if it's the idea of this forum,but anyway...
I went to court last year to have a civil order varied, when I got to court and was handed the 'case' from the police/cps, the charges listed in it were wrong.  They listed section 4 harassment when I'd been convicted of section 2 and they had also exaggerated other charges as well.  The outcome of the case was the order was varied and I can go back next year in the hope of getting it discharged.  I raised this mistake with the police after and their answer was effectively 'we have more important things to do'.
I felt bad enough about the charges I was convicted of without the police exaggerating them and I'm also worried that these false charges could affect my chances of getting the order discharged next time.  My main problem is not the order or any other parts around it, but more that until this order is removed, my convictions will not be spent and therefore affect my chances of gaining employment.
By bish - 28 Jun 17 12:02 PM

I will be making a complaint to the NCA after conclusion of my case, and I doubt it will make any difference, but I feel the need to voice concerns I have during the charging process, but do not want to do anything that will rock the boat till the case is concluded.