Advice needed DBS Check

By Sue - 15 May 17 2:19 PM

Hi' I,v been with my company for three yrs, been a good employee and work hard however they have now asked for an enhanced DBS which will show 3 convictions which I got 12 yrs a go. I have been told that my position should only be a basic check and not to declare these however when I started with the company I declared these in writing but still got the job! But I think they lost my letter and never noticed my convictions as on my first day they performed a check via logging in to the computer, as I already declared my confictions I did do the check but I did not advise of the conviction again. I am now unsure whether to declare these again or not too, when I started the job they did do a check but unsure if it was basic or enhanced. What are my rights if I declare and they sake me or if I don't declare can I fight this advising that I have already declared these. Can I ask for my information they have for me from HR too find out if my letter is in my file.
My job is in an office answering incoming calls on a Careline which involve helping the elderly with either maintenance problems or health problems, no contact is made with the clients.

Really need advice.

Thanks guys

By Deb S - 6 Jun 17 8:17 AM

Sue - 5 Jun 17 2:53 PM
Hi Debbie Thanks for your reply it was very helpful, I've just filled in my check for work and the only question was if I had any unspent convictions which I have answered no because mine are spent. Have I answered it correctly if that is the case I have, and if they come back as spent I've done nothing wrong but thank you again hope to hear from you soon. Sue

Hi Sue

Yes you've absolutely answered correctly. 

Let us know what happens when the check comes back.