By PeterWigan - 10 Aug 17 4:15 PM

I was told at around 2.45pm today 10/08/17  by a manager(Phil Lawson) at Wigan Probation that I shouldn't be taking notice of what people are telling me on here.
I have requested a copy of the Local Area Agreement to change probation officer 3 times over the last 3/4weeks in person, in text and by phone. Through making a serious complaint I am in transition to a new officer but none of them seem to know what this Local Area agreement is. It tells me on the government website to request it...As did someone on here.
I am really not for letting it go and want to see a copy of it out of principle. Is there anywhere else I can ask for a copy...Does anyone know?

I want to take my complaint to the ombudsman to hopefully make some changes, not for me as I won't be dealing with them again other than in a professional capacity. It is for the less fortunate people that are stuck in their system getting a very poor service. and do not have the knowledge or intelligence to see that things are done right.
Staff seem unmotivated and uninterested in their roles and that is not good for any of us.
By Deb S - 16 Aug 17 8:27 AM

Hi Peter

You could try contacting Roz Hamilton, the Deputy Director of Probation in the North West. Her contact number is 0300 047 9000.

Let us know how you get on.