Traveling abroad for Emplyment while on License

By Rezl - 23 Nov 17 11:38 AM

Ive been given a written job offer to work and live in Dubai. Im currently not employed and eager to accept the offer to start work. My probation are saying that is highly unlikely I will be able to go and ive previously tried to get permission to volunteer abroad but that was declined.

What are the steps best to take to allow me to get permission? As last time it took well over 2 months of multiple phone calls and texts to be refused but with no official response. Im happy to have a solicitor involved and will apply for a judicial review if necessary.

Thank You!
By AB2014 - 29 Nov 17 11:44 AM

Rezl - 27 Nov 17 10:56 AM
Hi, Thanks for the replies! Im on License from a custodial sentence, I only have to see my probation either once a month or once every 2 months sometimes.

I have a meeting this week so im going to put forward my case as best as possible. Its very frustrating the fact that everyone on license automatically gets the condition not to leave the country, its seems counter-intuitive to me that they can hinder your opportunities of seeking employment based on this condition alone.

I think the unfortunate thing is that many people see going abroad as a chance to get away from probation rather than a chance to reform. When I was inside, I knew a guy who had dual nationality but probation were insisting that he stayed in the UK, even though he had a firm job offer from the other country. Luckily for him, he only had to wait 8 months before he could go, but these days more people are serving half-and-half sentences and have longer to wait.