My Convictions are now do I ensure any basic check comes back clear?

By RunningMan - 12 Feb 18 12:00 PM

My convictions are now spent. I am not sure if it is best to inform the DBS to ensure their records are up to date - I do not want a check coming back wrong. I have looked both here and online but cannot see any obvious advice about this. Any advice?
By JASB - 20 Mar 20 12:57 PM

dennisOG - 20 Mar 20 11:17 AM
i had 3 DUI charges i wanted to clear from my criminal record. i sought legal advice but i was told i couldn't have them expunged since the charges were still so recent. i read so many testimonies o Quora how hackersnetwork0001 helped them clear their records and i decided to give it a try. i reached out via gmail, gave details of the job and of course payments were arranged and within the specified hack window, the records were cleared. i hired a private investigator to carry out a background check on myself just to see if the records had been erased. the background report came back with a clean criminal record.

Given the name and if I have understand you correctly, isn't what you done illegal?
Also giving payments online to someone like this I would think open you up to further issues.

If I have misunderstood I will apologize.