Airside Security pass

By Square - 15 Jul 18 7:02 PM


I am looking at job which requires an Airside Security Pass. I have had a look at it and found that they generally do a:
- Basic criminal record disclosure
- 5 year employment checks
- Employment history verification
- Character references
My conviction is (or should be) spent. The 5 year employment checks could be a bit tricky, but can be done (I will have to get creative with reasons!).

I am thinking it should all be fine. Am I missing something obvious? I would have thought that working airside would have required an enhanced disclosure...
By AB2014 - 17 Jul 18 9:24 AM

BenS - 17 Jul 18 8:01 AM
That's really nice to see that only a basic DBS is required. With the strict security protocols at airports, I would have expected a standard or enhanced one.

I'm used to seeing standard/enhanced checks required for jobs that don't seem to warrant it, and I have no idea how they get around the ROA. After all, for some fairly routine jobs in a back office at a bank etc., you need standard/enhanced checks, even though there is no public safety issue. Good luck with the application!

It's normal procedure under the National Aviation Security Programme for staff to have a basic DBS check. Staff working in security (including retail security) need an SIA licence, which involves a standard DBS check.
As a general definition, standard DBS checks are there to protect the public from loss or harm through dishonesty rather than any other form of risk. The Financial Conduct Authority changed its approval system in March 2016, and now senior managers should be approved by them, while other ranks don't need approval any more. It isn't covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975, so most bank staff shouldn't be having anything above a basic DBS check. Of course, as a cynic, I see things as they are, not as they should be, and banks may well be breaking the law if they're still checking every employee.