SIA License with criminal record

By GaryTS - 21 Jul 18 6:15 AM

Morning all.

I hope everyone is well.

I just wanted to get peoples feedback in relation to gaining an SIA license with convictions?

I have 2x convictions for theft related incidents
1. disposal by way of Community Order - 1 year November 2012
2- Disposal by way of custodial sentence - 15 months July 2013
I have been on the SIA website and it says they will accept my application from October 2018. However, I will need to include mitigation and character references with my application.

I was wondering if any of you out there have managed to obtain a SIA license with having a conviction that will never be filtered?
since my release from prison I have gained employment where I have been for the last 4 years.

Can anyone give me any advice or previous experience or know of anyone who has got their license?
I appreciate my offences are dishonesty related and it does not look good for a security related job however, It was one mistake in my life and I have been good since and will not re offend. I have a colleague who can help me get a close protection job but i need to know what my chances are in getting licensed before i spend lots of money out.

Many thanks in advanced.

By GaryTS - 8 Aug 18 3:40 AM


Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for your comments. I previously read the article you have suggested to read. I think it’s 50/50 for me so I’m just going to re sit my course and hope for the best.

I will obtain character references and write up a mitigation report and see how far I get.

I will keep you guys in the loop.