Grants etc

By GaryTS - 16 Aug 18 5:23 PM


does anyone know of any companies or charities or organisations that will give a start up grant to a new business?

I am trying to come up with a viable idea a product or service?

the problem is there is so much competition its finding that one idea which stands out.

Many Thanks

By Mr W - 11 Jan 19 6:26 PM

GaryTS - 10 Jan 19 8:26 PM
Mr W - 1 Dec 18 5:23 PM
GaryTS - 16 Aug 18 7:37 PM
Has anyone every started there own business on this forum after being convicted, just out of interest?

I'm selling my skills and work from home. Not so much as a business as I take what I can - more like a freelancer - but hopefully the more returning clients I can accumulate then the target is to be self-sufficient.

The positive is that my clients can be anywhere in the world. The negative is that it's a race to the bottom when it comes to wage.

This is the first time I've been unemployed since I was 16 and I believe I have lots of employable and adaptable skills but nobody is interested in the real world because I'm now on the SOR. But in the online freelance world, nobody is asking 'that question' they just need the job doing, which suits me (obviously they're tasks that don't tiptoe anywhere near what my RMO would get sniffy about). Whether this is sustainable until I'm spent... who knows.

What is your business idea?

Mr W

thanks for your reply. I don't really have an idea at the moment i am just doing general research into the market to see what is out there and what is lacking.

Im glad to learn that you are doing well and its working out for you thanks for your comments. 


Start with something you have an interest in? If you can make money from something you enjoy doing then you will be quids in and it might not even feel like work.
You can research and research all you like and still not get anywhere because it feels like "everyone is already doing everything" and you may wonder where you fit and get overwhelmed.
So... instead... Start something, now, today or tomorrow, anything! and see where it goes. If it doesn't work, at least you've tried something and you might have spotted something else on the way that you could try next.
I spotted something on TV the other day that I could make out of some wood and I've started making steps towards making and selling the same thing online (I'm not a crafter or wood work person at all). If it works, great, if not, it has been a bit of fun trying and I'll try something else.
If I can help in any way let me know. :-)