Police access to my flat

By NigelV2 - 25 Apr 19 8:53 AM

During a recent police visit, we were standing in the living room and I was asked by one of the officers if they could have a look around.  The bedroom door was closed (as it's next to the front door I want a bit of privacy) and I said no.  The officer kept on asking and made comments like 'what is the problem', and I still said no.  Eventually I gave in as I felt they weren't going to leave unless I agreed.

Can they do this?

By NigelV2 - 6 Jun 19 6:55 AM

Had a visit last night and I wouldn't let them in.  I told them why and I actually got an apology. 

They had actually come to talk to me about they are not going to block my application to have the civil order discharged.  After a brief chat on my doorstep they left and said they would e-mail me some of the details so we can sort out how I want it done.