Newbie and would really appreciate help

By Kealls - 2 Jul 19 11:25 AM

I was charged with common Assault x 2 (by beating) and what I would like to know is will I be on the barring list? I have applied for a job to help ex offenders but if I appear on this list I won’t be able to take the position as will be working with vulnerable people.

Thank you so much
By AB2014 - 2 Jul 19 2:43 PM

Kealls - 2 Jul 19 2:17 PM
Yes I was convicted in December and im on probation and no I wasn’t in that role at the time so hopefully I will be ok?! I believe it wlll be regulated activity. Thanks for replying so quickly.

The way it would work is for some offences, they won't consider barring you until you apply for a job involving regulated activity. In this case, as your offence isn't a relevant offence, that ought to be the end of it, unless someone refers you to the DBS, but that would have to be someone related to regulated activity, not a nosey neighbour. Unlock have information about it here.