PVG Disclosure Scotland

By Sicknote - 25 Nov 19 5:09 PM

Hi All,

In 2006 I was sent to prison for 2 years for cannabis cultivation.

Recently I have started doing voluntary work for a charity which I am really enjoying and things are going well. Last week my support worker asked me to apply for a paid part time job for another charity that is subject to a PVG Disclosure Scotland check. The work would involve working with vulnerable adults in a hospital.

I don’t understand the barring process around the PVG check. Am I automatically barred from ever working with vulnerable adults in Scotland because of my criminal record?


By AB2014 - 26 Nov 19 3:11 PM

Sicknote - 26 Nov 19 2:21 PM
Thanks for taking the time to reply.My conviction is not on the list that must be disclosed but appears in the disclose according to rules list. In your link it says you have to wait 15 years if you are on the must be disclosed list but doesn’t mention how long you need to wait to have it removed from the disclose according to rules list. Can I apply to have it removed now as my conviction is spent?

You could always contact the court and ask the staff there. It's in their interests to make things as straightforward for you as they can.