Conviction In Scotland Living In England

By alexh07 - 14 Feb 20 3:54 AM

Hi, I got 136 hours community service and 2 years supervision for offending someone on Facebook in Scotland but have now moved to England.

It is my understanding that in Scotland this sentence takes 5 years to become spent but in England it takes 1 year.

I assumed that because I receieved the conviction in Scotland that I would have to declare this for the next 5 years for jobs, insurance, accommodation etc regardless of whether I am in England or Scotland but is that right? Or does my criminal record become spent after 1 year if I apply for a job in England for example?
By alexh07 - 21 Feb 20 2:36 AM

I wasn't aware of this thanks for letting me know. Good to see the ridiculous 5 year unspent period doesn't apply for minor offences any more