Will my section 39 common assault conviction be removed now its been 11 years?

By dave_uk - 24 Feb 20 7:39 PM

Hi, 11 years ago i was arrested for common assault (section 39) i remember on the little form he gave me it did only say common assault section 39 and nothing else.
In that time i have not applied for any new job out of fearing if it got found out I’d lose my current job as i would probably want to look at another job in the place i currently work (NHS) (No patient contact)

I read that after 11 years common assault can be filtered out from DBS checks, does that include standard and enhanced checks?

I read that it can be removed if the conviction was non violent, well yeh i hit someone but it wasn't exactly out of violence as such.

How do i know if what i done was classed as violent? i read on another site if  it was classed as violent then it would have been classed as ABH or GBH?

If that’s the case would i be filtered out? How would i also know the date it would be wiped from my record or would i be best phoning them to confirm its been taken off?

This is something I’d say has pretty much ruined my life because it was actually something really stupid but I’ve felt i can't apply for another job as I’ve been so worried about losing the job i have, if i went for a job in the place i work and didn't get it, they could then get rid of me i assume?



By Rufus - 24 Jun 20 1:29 PM

I take it you have not declared to your current employer that you have a criminal record for the past 11 years.

Is there no way of paying for a DBS check yourself as companies seem to be able to do it at will .