Sex Offenders Annual Registration Help

By Mark15788 - 3 Apr 20 10:35 AM


I was convicted April 2018 and then went on to my annual registration in April 2019.

In December 2019 because of my SHPO I also reported a new device, my police force just record this on the usual registration form.

I then thought my annual registration would be April 2020 but I’m told the date would of restarted in December so it’s December 2020.

Is this correct?

I asked for verification from my risk management officer and he confirmed over text that it was December 2020.

My probation officer said it might be best to speak direct to the team in the police so I rang 101 and they transferee next to someone who said they were too busy right now to go by whatever the correspondence (text) said.

Just has me slightly worried now.
By Simon1983 - 26 May 20 4:20 PM

Hi Mr W 

just goes back to my earlier point that PPU interpret the rules different ways. One word of advice make sure you have in writing that your annual registration has been done as if you carefully read both the SOA, SOA guidelines and guild lines issued by the collage of policing it makes no allowance for undertaking annual registration other than at a prescribed police station. But as I said last time we live in strange times and these acts were written with no thought of a national pandemic 

stay safe