Google De listing

By Simon1983 - 14 Jun 20 11:35 AM

May not be something for this group, but may open decision around the google effect, 

as ex offenders google And the ICO drag us through the mill to try and get our information removed, and most times with little success.

yet in the space of 24 hrs this weekend google have removed all reference And picture to Winston Churchill Being the UK prime minster during the 2nd world war 

It just don’t add up
By Was - 29 Jul 20 7:46 AM

They report directly to Parliament, usually via the The Digital,Culture, Media and Sport Committee. This means that a complaint about the ICO itself (as opposed to a complaint about a decision by them) will in the first hand be made via your MP, although you could try the chair of the DCMS if you think it is that serious. Ultimately you can request a judicial review of their actions. One person who wanted to go down this path was told they required £75,000 up front and, assuming that that sort of money is not to hand, I suspect a crowdfunded attempt to secure that amount would have some attendant "publicity" issues.

There is also this to bear in mind:

I have no connection or dealings with that law firm, but they seem to specialise in information law, so you could try contacting them.