SHPO - devices that can connect to the internet

By Mark15788 - 19 Aug 20 11:26 AM

Morning everyone,

One of my SHPO conditions is to report to the police any new devices with the capability of connecting to the internet within 3 days of purchase.

That’s fine and always adhered to it.

I’m not tech savvy so here’s my question.

I have a very old style big bulky TV, I want a new one.

I know if I get a smart TV that would need to be reported, right?

What about a non smart TV? The spec says it has a Ethernet connection, does that mean it’s capable of connecting to the internet and therefore I’d need to report?

I’d rather be safe than sorry and just planning ahead.
By JASB - 2 Sep 20 2:07 PM

Mark15788 - 29 Aug 20 10:52 AM
Do these systems get used on everyone or just dependant on offence? My offence was not related to images and I’ve never had any software mentioned to me.I’m managed by the neighbourhood team so not even sure how much training they receive. My laptop seems to get less attention than my mobile.


As others say it is amazing the attitude / intruputation of the PPU to defined processes.

The last of my visits - end of last year- the accompanying officer who looks at my mobile and laptop (even though I have not any IT/internet etc offences) shows concern because of my "admin" habits built over 30 odd years as an IT consultant. 
I always clear my history on all devices including old messages and calls on my mobile for both security and operating purposes. However he is not happy and always drops a few words to see my reaction; which I ignore unless asked a direct question.
They have asked to do a software based check on my laptop and not to delete my history which after gaining a statement that they agree I do not have a legal requirement to do so, it is a one off and as a nicety statement "they promise they are not trying to catch me out". I agreed but also asked why do it then but gained no reply.

I say this not to humiliate the PPU who I believe have a horrendous role,  but really just to point out that their actions can give an air of positivity. In that they must have no other concerns so going to the extremes of searching OR their search of my laptop will show my behaviour to be better than the social normality and go on to support my case to have my SOPO/SOR discharged.