Supreme Court decision and the 11 year rule.

By BioTeacher - 22 Sep 20 1:37 PM

Hi all. 

Is the supreme court decision to stop showing multiple convictions up regardless of the time limit in effect right now?

In two weeks, one of my convictions is 11 years old (I have two convictions). I assume under the new rules this means the record will be deleted?

I have just got a new DBS certificate as I work in schools doing agency work. I am thinking that if my record changes in two weeks, am I able to ask the agency for a new one, and this one should only show the one conviction? I just don't want to waste money so trying to find out. Also felt it was useful information for all as well. 

Normally I wouldn't ask questions and try my best to find out the answer, but it seems my question is very specific so thought I would ask here. 

many thanks 

By Simon1983 - 22 Sep 20 6:36 PM

Hi bio teacher 

the new rules around filtering of multiple convictions is not yet law, the statutory instrument is going through parliament at the moment, 

keep an eye on the unlock website as when it does become law it will be posted there

so until this new law is in effect your multiple convictions will still show on a standard and enhanced DBS check even if the 11 yrs has passed.

remember that a conviction will only filter as long as you did not receive a custodial or suspended sentence, and the offence is not on the list of non filterable offences

when the new rules come into affect then yes agencies will have to run new DBS checks if required, and they will also have to update there records as under data protection they will not be allowed to keep information on offences that have now filtered under the new rules 

hope that helps