DWP Job offer

By Johnno42 - 3 Nov 20 11:11 AM


I have recently completed a Pre-Appointment Form for a position as a Work Coach with the DWP. 

There were questions that I was very concerned with answering under the Conduct section. I do have convictions but they are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and are not on the Barred list. 
Is the DWP exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act? I have looked online and I can't find any information that they are which, if this is true, means they should be only be asking for details of offences that are not spent. It did not state this on the Pre-Appointment Form. 

Could someone let me know if they are exempt and under which legislation? 


By Johnno42 - 6 Nov 20 8:31 PM

Simon1983 - 4 Nov 20 6:18 PM
Hi johnno 

a job as a work coach with DWP is a basic DBS and you only need to disclose unspent convictions 

hope it helps
Thanks for the information.