Transition of SISII alerts to Interpol

By Yankee - 28 Dec 20 3:09 PM

As a consequence of Brexit, UK police and border force lose access to the Schengen Information System (SISII) and will have to utilise Interpol systems instead.

I know most people are not travelling at the moment due to Covid restrictions but hopefully that situation will change in 2021.

 I'm really interested to know what the operational instructions will be the Police forces / PPUs with regard anyone who has to notify travel. Previously, a section 36(2) alert was created on SISII for everyone travelling to the EU, regardless of risk level.  For travel to non-EU countries, there was a risk assessment to determine whether it was proportionate to raise an Interpol notice.

The question now is whether all alerts will be placed on Interpol or whether there will still be a risk assessment. Even if there is a risk assessment, will it be done on a case-by-case/person-by-person basis or default to that used for SISII i.e. anyone on the ViSOR database (which includes anyone who has to notify travel) was automatically deemed high risk.

Previously, for low risk offenders SISII was just an inconvenience and embarrassment at EU airports - it didn't actually prevent travel. Likewise, as low risk (albeit on ViSOR), travel beyond the EU was very straightforward. I can now foresee a situation where Interpol alerts are used as a substitute for SISII, which may not be an issue within the EU, but if they flag up at non-EU airports that will probably be a very different story.  It's one thing explaining to a Spanish border guard that it is only a discreet check and you have a legal right of entry vs having the same conversation with a border guard in Dubai, or Singapore, or Morocco or ...

If anyone has a good relationship with their PPU and used to travel, be good to see if you can get any feedback on how their procedures will change.

By Blueman202 - 3 Jan 21 8:39 PM

Let’s hope it stays that way from what I’ve read about American is they seem to issue them for all foreign travel so let’s hope the uk doesn’t get any ideas.