Undercover Police - Channel 4

By punter99 - 18 Feb 21 11:46 AM

Has anybody been watching this? Normally the offenders identity is disguised in a program like this, to protect them and their family. But this series seems to have a different agenda. They are deliberately naming and shaming people. Giving the men's full names and showing lots of closeups of their faces.
By Mr W - 18 Feb 21 2:36 PM

C4 docu line is “challenge your thinking” and while the voices represent current thinking, I have to say two of the women’s attitudes annoyed me - *not because they were women*(before anyone starts) - one remarked of a reoffender something like “well the rehabilitation didn’t work on him then, did it?” as if that’s the offender’s fault rather than asking why it didn’t. This is such a key issue in this whole thing! And it’s dismissed with a sarcastic eye roll. Then later the second woman remarked about one horrific video but seemed to take her anger out, which should be directed towards the creator of the video, on the offender who watched it and said something like ‘it doesn’t stop that child being abused’ - unfortunately, nothing will in that instance because it's in the past. But the awful mindset of one does not mean that viewer is of the same, tarring with the same brush is lazy. If she’s involved in that work, it’s her job to solve that problem not pass judgement in front of a TV camera