Working in Asia - which countries ask for disclosure and how do I write my disclosure on visa application forms?

By Si27 - 19 May 21 12:24 PM

Hi - Can anyone help me please. I have a spent conviction where I have been in prison for 4 weeks over Christmas 2018 into New year 2019. Probation is done Mid 2019. The conviction was for common assault and the breaking of 3 probation orders - this is my only record. Which countries ask for disclosure in Asia and if I want to return to China to work (I have previously lived in China for 23 years) how do actually write my record down on the Visa application form - I understand that China judges and accepts visa applications case by case and the point is to be transparent - which I want to do.

Does anyone have advice or experience in this area please for the above questions 

Thank you community