Online work - Background Check?

By JamesZ - 21 May 21 4:22 PM

Hi folks.
So I always get worried concerning Background Checks.
I have a S.O for images. Nothing about me on Google search.
I managed to get some Voice over work freelancing.
It's inconsistent but good work.
I watched a guy on YouTube from a similar skillset as myself get paid well from submitting voice overs to some big companies on Twitter and Instagram.

He submitted all the work from his own home - Record the voice and post online and they did the rest 

I like the idea, but should I be concerned/subject to a Background check for this kind of thing? Maybe just do small companies?
Or not worth the risk?


By JamesZ - 22 May 21 1:06 PM

Thanks. I wasn't sure if the larger companies would - Nike, McDonalds etc. Cheers for the info