Bing and google refused to Allow Me to Be Forgotten

By Harry53 - 17 Aug 21 4:23 PM

I applied to both as my sexual conviction is now spent. I have 5 more years on the SOR. Both turned me down. 

I thought I had the right to be forgotten and to have my name removed from the websites reporting me ? According to them they feel it is in the public interest to keep my name linked on a search. I am a totally reformed person now (no looking at gay porn for me), so I am very disappointed. 

Can I still get my name unliked or appeal? It seems very unfair.
By Simon1983 - 17 Aug 21 5:01 PM

Hi harry, as long as the conviction is spent and you do not have an active SHPO/SOPO then as long as you have been to them first the next stop is to make a complaint to the ICO, the ICO will then make a decision, you would best to follow this page from the unlock hub