Small Mortgage needed for a right to buy property but I have a fraud conviction

By bigbird - 21 Nov 13 11:39 AM

My ex husband is giving me a lump sum as part of our seperation and I want to purchase my council property, I would like to use half the lump sum as deposit and get a small mortgage for the rest. that way I can be secure for a good few years that will tide me over. Mortgages seem available until they hear the fraud word then they run for the hills. Any thoughts or companies that are able to help?
Thanks in advance
By Deb S - 16 Sep 11 1:36 PM

Hi bigbird

Have a look at our Information Hub page on mortgages -

You did not mention whether your conviction is 'spent' under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act but, once it is, you would not need to disclose it to any lender.

Best wishes

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By bigbird - 21 Nov 13 11:39 AM

Thanks hun my conviction is unspent so I realise I have to fess up to it. Will check out the link you suggested thanks again