A friend I have no idea how to help

By Jonno 3 - 1 Mar 13 7:13 PM

I have a friend who I first met on a course he attended as part of his sentence. He began the course about two days after coming out of prison, and was at that point housed in a hostel. Six months down the line, he has texted me to say that he has been evicted and will be spending tonight in his car.
He is in his sixties.
He has had major heart surgery in the recent past.
He has no income and no job (but gets some benefits, I imagine).
He has a fifteen year old daughter he is allowed to see once a month in a regulated environment. He has nobody else in his life.
His brother and father shun him.
His wife is dead.
His son died of an asthma attack at the age of eleven.
He tells me he is classed by the powers-that-be as being homeless by choice (they class being sent to prison as making yourself homeless). When he was sent to prison, much to his surprise because his solicitor had assured him he would not receive a custodial sentence, his housing association continued to charge him rent on his house. So he now has unpaid rent against his name, no money to put down a deposit on renting a new place, and no regular income.
I am so angry for him, and so upset that this vulnerable, elderly man is being given no chance and no help.
But, my distress aside, is there ANY help or advice any of you knowledgeable folk can offer me to pass on to him? To be honest, the most likely outcome for him is that he will break the terms of his release, and get recalled. This will be dreadfully hard for his daughter. (She, by the way, has been cast out by her family as well, guilty by association.)
By Eustace - 1 Feb 12 2:03 AM

I'd recommend your friend [or someone on his behalf] does the following:-

- make immediate contact with the local housing authority to register his needs and see if they can provide emergency accommodation for him;
- contact Shelter on their helpline (go and seek advice;
- possibly instruct a solicitor specialising in housing law and who can work on a legal aid basis to review the eviction order as there may be something that can be done (unlikely, but anything is worth a try);
- explain his situation to his relatives (father and brother) who, although they might not get on, may be willing to put him up for a short while - they are, after all, family;
- as a last resort, can any friends put him up?

That's all I can think of. Here's another link to Shelter with more information:
By Jonno 3 - 1 Mar 13 7:13 PM

Eustace, many thanks indeed for your helpful suggestions. I will encourage him to go to the library and look up these webpages, and I will also look at them myself.