Removal of news stories after conviction spent....

By Jim S - 19 Aug 11 10:24 PM

Anyone had any experience of trying to ask for news stories about their offence to be removed after their conviction is spent?

I suspect that once it's out there you don't have any realistic chance of it not being somewhere on the net, but if it shouldn't be disclosed then surely it should be removed from say the bbc news site and other places that would support non disclosure and human rights?

I would worry that asking them to do it might have a negative effect and they might report on it
By Hobbit - 13 May 13 1:33 PM

Sadly it is very difficult to get news articles related to offences to be removed, sure many people do ask nicely to have items removed of the web but many just ignore such request if a solicitor is involved they simply state the freedom of information act, so the law is on there side sadly.

Best thing to do is google and check websites and guides to help you ditch the searched articles, sadly it may require many weeks of daily hard effort check here:
By Anonymous - 12 Apr 13 3:50 PM

I myself have had serious problems with this aspect.
I contacted the paper that put the details of my crime on-line and made a complaint to the editor and the press commission.
I even quoted the human rights act, freedom to family life clause, but that didn't help.
Everybody states the "freedom of press" stance and "free speech".
The problem is I have a rather unique surname, so when you type this into a search engine, up pops the article.
IF anybody else has managed to get there details removed, please feel free to share the experience.
I am sure there are thousands of people still on the net, despite having served their sentences which are now classed as spent.    


By Hobbit - 13 May 13 1:33 PM

I can confirm having attempted it now that one can reduce the amount of articles, follow the steps in the link I posted above. LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and posting pictures and tweets and reports is all helping reduce what is shown on 1st page.

Its sadly true you will have to put in the time and effort however. I would bet a article with that name and other picture and if many people clicked on that link and article would make it show up quicker.

I have heard some people make multiple LinkedIn accounts also, id bet it should work also for other accounts too
By IEP_Free - 27 Jan 14 4:15 AM

The only way to get rid of the internet stories, is to change your name! Otherwise, the stories will stay online forever. Perils of living in internet era.
By Jim S - 19 Aug 11 10:24 PM

I wonder if the Google court case will help us in this respect?

Would be great if they would stop it appearing in searches once the conviction is spent......seems very similar to the guy who won his case about having his house repossessed.

The irony is that he seems to have got a lot more publicity than he would have if he had kept quiet!
By Victor H - 15 Dec 13 7:37 PM

Still agree with above....

Although really thinking about it changing the name is not easy at all more so explaining it to family or friends...

perhaps moving country + changing name may work