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Thailand - Living & Working There With A Serious Criminal Record.

Thailand - Living & Working There With A Serious Criminal Record.


I was wondering if anybody had information or personal experience of living and working in Thailand with a serious criminal record ?.
I have always looked at Thailand as a country that was a bit like the French Foreign Legion, they take anybody...
But what's the real truth behind living and working in this country if you have a SERIOUS criminal past ?.
I am not talking a simple conviction, I am talking sentences that meant prison terms up-to and exceeding double digits.  
I am fast approaching the lower retirement age, and recently read an article on retirement visas. It seems that you can't get a retirement visa if you have a record ?


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For all of you wishing to further investigate the issue of Visa's check out the above website address for the Thai consulate.


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Foxtrot said...

List 1 - Thailand, Korea, France, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Iceland, Singapore and so on, and so on.

List 2 - USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland.)


List 1 should be no problem to those with a UK record. List 2... not a chance. Do you notice the common denominator in list 2?

I hear that Vietnam is an interesting place to visit FT ?



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Just found a company called "Siam Legal".
Highlights of Visa Issues. 


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Thanks yeah


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To all those reading this, just to get us back on track, this is about Visa requirements and criminal record checking for living and retiring in Thailand.
That's THAILAND, not ANY other Country.


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 turn It's Like shooting fish in a Barrel turn


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This is about Visa requirements and criminal record checking for living and retiring in Thailand.


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I used to cry because I had no shoes, until I saw a man that had no feet !
This Chinese proverb, has nothing to do with living and working in the Far-East, but as this thread is veering off on other tangents, and we are now discussing Astroturf, things that are fake and social experiments, I might as well get kitted up for the outta space experience. 
Goodbye planet Earth jumpin



IanC said...

“I was wondering if anybody had information or personal experience of living and working in Thailand with a serious criminal record ?” Why?

Well I asked this question because I understood from internet research that to obtain a visa to retire there, that you had to disclose.

We all agree that internet research can be very misleading, however, I am sure that the information came through the Thai embassy website. 

Isn’t this the same as another recent thread? Why are you asking about serious offences Q3? Yours is of a petty nature and yes IanC obviously wouldn’t be my real name. There will be no fishing for references as to who I am or shortcuts as to how I did it, believe me. I’ll give anybody the basics, but I won’t give information that you couldn’t find out for yourself.  

Sorry Ian, I have no recollection of another thread. I was asking about "Serious Offences", as when disclosing (If you are made to, in the UK) weather certain crimes would be deemed more serious than others ?. My crimes are of a petty nature here in Blighty, and I didn't spend a decade in prison, as you have confessed to,however in some countries they (my petty crimes) are deemed very serious.

An example of crazy laws in other countries : Kissing in public in Dubai can get you flogged, stealing in Dakar can result in getting your right hand chopped off, even bouncing a cheque in Saudi can get you locked up.

In regards to your user name, I am not interested in your real name, why would I be ? I am happy to call you Ian or Ian C, or whatever you may decide to call yourself.

It is clearly obvious that you are very intelligent Ian, however, I don't need a Phd to know that  your not going to give any shortcuts away that could compromise your current or future situations.

OK, specifically Thailand. DON’T believe that any agency or legal office can get you a visa; they can’t but will gladly put a nice copy one in your passport, (for a price), as you will discover on your way to jail as you try to leave the country, or try to renew it.

There are various types of visas, the most common are retirement or marriage. The retirement one you can get at 50 years old and can change your 12 month tourist ‘O’ into a retirement one (which you get in the UK), whilst in Thailand. You can only do this at the Immigration office – agencies will do this for you, but don’t believe you can bypass Immigration with adverts that companies can ‘fix’ things for you. This is why I often don’t use the internet for info, much of it is misleading at best. You have to have a retirement pension or show proof of income or savings on a yearly basis, currently I believe it’s 800k Baht (16,500 GBP).

No country wants ex-offenders, which is the bottom line anywhere. Some are more strict than others, but if you start declaring anywhere you leave yourself at the mercy of officialdom.

Sadly this is very true, after all why would any country need more people moving in and living there that may commit crime ?.

It's a shame that the UK do not check everyone from the EU that are entering the UK on a daily basis, european migrant crime is increasing month on month.

Remember that you are a guest in Thailand, there are no human rights laws at every turn and you can be deported on a whim. No courts and no appeal. People in these places will leave you alone as long as you behave yourself and as such it’s like a new start. It’s the opportunity we’d all wish for in the UK. There’s nothing magic about it, you keep quiet, work, behave yourself . . . and that’s it. I believe that if you apply in the UK for a retirement visa you are asked to declare, but not if you apply in Thailand. Not too sure as I'm not on that visa.   

The final word is that, IF you can get into ANY country, it's going to be always in your best interests to take the advice above, and behave yourself ! 

Good - Luck and Respectful regards Ian  








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