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‘Verichip’ (RFID) implanted Chip on Ex-offends, Dangers of Cancer not just loss of Privacy

‘Verichip’ (RFID) implanted Chip on Ex-offends, Dangers of Cancer not...

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May I ask a Simple but very important question to anyone that may know please?

Is using a ‘Verichip’ (RFID) implanted Chip in an British Citizen Ex-Offender in the UK legally permitted to be used when implanted in the USA Prison System illegally without the Knowledge, or Legal court order notification and without my consent?
I believe with witnessing several accounts of stalking by the West Yorkshire police ‘public protection’ unit that without any doubt they are illegally using this illegally implanted RFID chip to track me.
While in the USA awaiting a long awaited highly bureaucratic British Transfer back to England I fell very ill while in the most appalling barbaric prison conditions in the very old Utah State Prison and was pounced on by ‘A Team’ guards and thrown into the infirmary where a brutally sadistic male nurse there known as Aaron threw my semi conscience lifeless body around the room finally onto a gurney on my stomach front. Then I felt a sharp injection into my upper back neck area. I later while fully awake found a scab where this took place on my back.
When Finally transferred to a UK Prison in 2006 and released shortly afterwards in December 2006 I thought I was free only to find later especially while in West Yorkshire when going out especially to another town and or at night I was followed. I even looked into one blacked out Audi estate car where a man hid back into his seat I could see a washboard computer monitor.
Finally I found out why and how I was being monitored by being masked in a legal demonstration outside a council offices and the Local Council had one of the ‘antisocial behaviour’ teams with a plain clothed officer come out, trying to threaten me with arrest for covering my face. Threatening me for daring to demonstrate concealing my face. The Known ‘antisocial behaviour’ man said “we know who you are **** its your Tag!……..” etc Everything made perfect sense from that moment on.
Recently I tested this tracking situation going for a Jog at night and literally heard a vehicle speed up and search, running concealed behind a corner street not seen in the dark. While I hid behind a line of cars he drove straight up to the car I was hiding behind, stopped for a while searching, looking into the car I was behind. I continued to crouch down low and move off in the other direction and so did he!
I tried taking this to the The Investigatory Powers Tribunal but as anticipated these documented cases were turned down without investigation.
As Britain allows the USA to do their Dirty work with ‘Waterboarding’ interrogation It also does with using covert tracking with illegal use of ‘Verichip’ (RFID) chips the size of a small grain of rice implanted without the recipient knowing or being made aware!
Meanwhile ‘Verichip’ (RFID) chips have been reported as creating cysts and cancer! I informed the Investigatory Powers Tribunal this and still they ignored this Dangerous Fact! My health is suffering. 
This must be against My Human rights !!??
Is there any other known cases of ‘Verichip’ (RFID) chips and is it Illegal to use on Ex-offenders and especially without the recipient being made aware at all and certainly without consent or even a court action to do so, please.

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