basically im screwed

By BadLadBlu - 31 Aug 16 8:19 AM

despite having a gf who knows about my convictions and has supported me through interference from the local authorities. im pretty much screwed in all other areas of life and its starting to get me down.

i cant get a job because 90% of employers require dbs checks etc.
self employment is proving to be a nightmare as every time things seem to be going well, something brews up a shit storm and im back to square one, ive tried to call the unlock helpline on numerous occasions for help regarding employment, but no one ever answers.

my gf and i arent getting along very well because i dont have any money coming in apart from the few coppers that universal credit pay out for spending your time applying for jobs that ive got no chance of getting in a million years.

ive been spending most of my time in my caravan because my gf cant stand to be near me lately. friends and family seem to be burdened when i try to talk to them about things and nothing i seem to do ever works out for the best. 

surely there has got to be a way to re-boot life and start over? 

ive never ever been in a situation where ive had so little. and its not getting any better. i could work in construction but ive always done that and its taken its toll on my health badly, some mornings i cant even walk let alone work on a construction site.

i committed a minor offence that was a genuine mistake when drunk and im paying a life sentence for it. nothing it seems, is ever going to work out. 

what on earth am i supposed to do now? its almost a decade later and i still cant catch a break.
By james gtr manchester - 6 Mar 17 8:39 PM


I'm feeling very much like this. I worry about keeping myself safe.

Mine was a sever offence committed when I was drunk, depressed, suicidal. I struggle to maintain an even keel, I've given up looking for work. I'm begning to understand why people reoffend, at least in prison you're accepted.