Complaint about probation officer

By PeterWigan - 31 Jul 17 4:19 PM

I have made a serious complaint about my probation officer and there is an ongoing investigation...I have told her I am not seeing her I am refusing to see her but she demanding that I see her and has sent me a warning letter for not attending. Even though I rang the office right away and told them that I couldn't attend because of the ongoing investigation.
I would have thought it was common practice that she stays away from me while there is an ongoing investigation...She could easily make an accusation against me to turn things round. I don't feel safe with this woman.
Can someone advise me...Can she make me see her while there is an investigation ongoing?

By Deb S - 16 Aug 17 8:04 AM

Hi Peter

I've attached a copy of the Probation Instruction regarding transferring Probation Officers. Not sure how helpful it will be but might be useful to have a read through. 

As Wentworth says, would be good to hear the latest.