Applying for a USA Tourist Visa - Advice please

By Jobe1287 - 12 May 18 12:02 PM

It is my 30th wedding anniversary next July 2019.  My wife has always wanted to travel to the USA for a holiday and it would be my dearest wish to do this for her.

I was convicted of possession of 6 (SIX) images in 2003 and my sentence was a small fine and registration for 5 yrs. At the time of travel the conviction would therefor be 16 yrs old (the actual 'offence' was in 2001 but it took the police forensic two years to re-find the images after their machine broke down!), I quotation mark offence a I am innocent, have always maintained my innocence and always will, the images were allegedly found on a computer that was brand new only 5 weeks before and after a lightening strike was being repaired by what I now know to be a very dubious company ( since folded) and even the police forensics examiner was himself convicted of perjury a few years later and removed from the experts list!!!!

However, i understand completely that this is all irrelevant, I am convicted and since 2001 have lived quietly in a rural area away from society and fearful of the google effect every day of my life. Obviously my wife has borne this burden with me and for this reason I am plucking up the courage to apply for a Visa, she should not be punished further.

So my questions are the obvious ones really; Will I get a visa?  Also, advice re how the US treats my offence.  I also seek advice because I am a proud man, an innocent man, and i have read the consulate like their applicants to be remorseful and showing they are changed characters. I don't think I can do that, I am innocent.  Would that go against me? Finally, should I apply myself or pay a solicitor / expert to do it for me?

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

By Jobe1287 - 23 Jun 18 8:08 PM

Thank You all for your comments.

So, I returned to Manchester at 15:30

Walked behind my wife to the electronic gates she went first it halted half way through the passport official told her to raise her glasses and keep staring at the screen, it flashed a few times and she was through.

My turn, it scanned my passport, I could see my face on the screen , white light, I stood still, got nervous and looked a few inches higher, the white light moved with me, still saw myself on screen and then.......Pleasd seek assistance!!! damn.

I was directed to the desk, young official, she scanned my passport, I asked her why this passport had never passed the auto screen, was there something wrong with the chip?

No she says, the chip is fine, she was pleasant, joking and basically said that it was my fault for not using the gate properly!!!!

So, non the wiser, if I am to believe a young, bored, jokey official then my passsport is fine but I need to use the gates better...

I didn’t press the issue, she was really friendly, but I lost the nerve to ask if there were any flags on her screen, I only asked if I had a dodgy chip or was there something else wrong to which she replied, no, all is ok, the gates are sensitive sand haven’t recognised me sufficiently.