Spent convictions available to view on Google

By Marsbar88 - 10 Aug 19 9:15 PM

Hi, I think more attention needs to placed on the google effect. It's a massive issue which impacts loads of people. I have a spent conviction, but recently I faced an awkward conversation when someone I know had googled me- presumably to see how I was doing with jobs. I guess that's why people Google others? They found an online article relating to my spent conviction. This person did not know about my past and I now feel extremely vulnerable because potentially anyone can also find out about my past conviction. I asked Google to de-list on the basis that it was spent but they declined. I am constantly anxious that someone else will find out about my past by using Google, it doesn't seem fair to me because legally I'm not supposed to declare my record in most cases but anyone can just use Google. I work in an office and at application the job only asked about unspent convictions- so I don't have to declare. However, I'm now worried that it's only a matter of time before a colleague Googles me and then I would no doubt have to resign due to the sheer embarrassment. This can't be right, it completely undermines the ROA. It's a major problem for me because I feel like my past could just be brought up by anyone I come into contact with. And this is a problem which I could face for the rest of my life, my only option is to change my name and start afresh- which I'd rather not do. I think this is something Unlock needs to urgently address as one of their main goals. 
By JASB - 17 Dec 19 3:08 PM

Not to sound as a pessimist but I have previously written how Courts are now requiring all applications for removal of SOPO conditions, SOR requirements to be heard in open and unrestricted media Courts. Even when the PPU is in full agreement with the application.

Simple point is that there is a possibility that your new contact details and name will become public.
Not aimed at being negative but more so you should consider when you apply to Courts.

Good luck for today, be compassionate to others no matter their offence, and remember you are an ex-offender, a human being and have a life to live not only for yourself. but also those who love you.