Does having a record bar you from certain jobs for life - is there a list ?

By Rufus - 29 Mar 20 1:47 PM

Hi all, I have drink driving and assault on my record - as these are unspent I know they will show on any type DBS check but will that automatically bar me from certain jobs even when spent.

Is it a case of if it shows I have a record on a standard / enhanced check (as I know even if spent they will show on these checks) will I automatically not be considered.

Is there a list of roles I can never get a job due to now having a record, I dont want to waste my or their time applying for a job I can never get.
By alexh07 - 3 Apr 20 6:42 PM

Unfortunately for me my conviction for retaliating to someone on the internet and offending them online carried a life sentence barring me from work. I graduated with a Master's degree in engineering and was only working for a couple of years until it happened and I lost my job and any chance of progressing in my field in the current competitive job market.

It's a shame for the economy and the development of the future but it's not all bad for me as I have been living quite comfortably on benefits since then whilst exploring money making opportunities online. If you still want to work it's not impossible but yoi can always look into self-employed opportunities too.