what help do they offer ?

By Rufus - 12 May 20 6:27 PM

what help do the probation office offer to get you back into work - do they do offer training courses etc as mine hasnt rely offered anything rather than an informal chat every few weeks. 
By Mr W - 15 May 20 3:26 PM

alexh07 - 15 May 20 9:15 AM
Would be interesting to know this. I always wondered if I mentioned that I drink alcohol or gamble that they would send me on a course?

All of my probation appointments have just been pointless chats asking what I've been up to

Have you had contact with APM? -   or  the people there help offenders back into work, offer free employment training courses etc. My experience with them has been positive and completely non-judgemental as they help people from all sorts of criminal backgrounds. Appointments with them got me out of the house (they pay your travel) and a chance to chat about things open and honestly.