DR10 spent last year but will still show up

By Nuttynarna - 30 Sep 20 10:54 AM

I'm terrified I'm going to loose my job as I thouhht because it was spent I didn't have to declare it, they will be wanting a new enhanced dbs and this is going to now show up so it will look like I've been deceitful, it's very sad situation why I got the dr10 in the first place as I was escaping an abusive situation. Ca. Anyone give me some advice please 😔
By AB2014 - 5 Oct 20 9:48 AM

Nuttynarna - 1 Oct 20 9:33 PM
Simon1983 - 1 Oct 20 8:45 PM
Hi nuttynarna 

you need to look at this in two ways, first is the conviction spent or unspent 

if your licence was not endorsed by the court then the offence will become spent 13 months from the date of conviction. If your licence was endorsed then the conviction becomes spent 5 years after date of conviction.

if it is unspent you will have to disclose it to insurance etc if you are asked to you have any unspent convictions, if you are not asked you don’t have to disclose.

in regards to filtering and the enhanced or standard DBS then this offence will show for 11 years on an enhanced and standard DBS, during this time if undertaking this level of check then you will have to disclose. Once 11 years has passed then the offence will filter and no longer have to be disclosed.

based on the offence yes you will have to tell your employer especially if you have a new DBS check coming up, but it should be seen for what it is a driving conviction nothing else. There are many people out there that have this type of conviction and work in healthcare and have no issues what so ever

hope this helps  

Many thanks for your reply, if endorsed means taken then yes it was taken away at the court it's was horrible and all because I was escaping an abusive situation 

Any driving ban normally comes with a motoring endorsement, which means your conviction becomes spent after five years. That's why insurers ask about any endorsements in the last five years, because after that they have no legal right to the information and can't use it to inflate your insurance premium. As Simon1983 said, there are plenty of people working in the NHS who have a motoring conviction of some sort. Sure, it's embarrassing, but I'm sure your skills and experience are far more important, and you did have mitigating circumstances.