Anyone from Scotland successfully have spent conviction removed from PVG?

By TartanLass - 24 Oct 20 9:44 AM

I’m wondering if anyone from Scotland has had a spent conviction removed from PVG? If so how they went about it and costs involved. I’ve recently been contacting lawyers, the majority couldn’t help me, eventually found one who would be prepared to help but told me the cost would be thousands. Unfortunately I don’t have thousands in the bank, I’m trapped in a job I don’t enjoy and nobody will give me an opportunity as everything I apply for requires an enhanced search. I’ve just applied to work for track and trace but discovered yesterday the checks are enhanced as opposed to basic, despite it being a job working from home and on the phone. The one area of life I’m completely unhappy with is career, I always hit a brick wall no matter what I try. I’m still paying the price for a conviction I received at 18, I’m 37 years old with a family now.