Employment with a Criminal Record

By Pinkfur - 5 Oct 15 9:35 AM

Thanks. Will let you know!
By Pinkfur - 5 Oct 15 9:35 AM

I emailed NHS bloke who has been dealing with DBS stuff on Wednesday and surprise, surprise, not even a reply! So have not even had a chance to challenge them if they'd said no. All a bit strange this time as a year ago, when conviction unspent, managed to get a job there, but now it's spent, not even any response! Wasted time and money doing tests and taking in documents - 3 trips to London, all for nothing. If they've no intention of employing us, then why bother to let us go through the process? To fill their quota probably to make it look as though they are doing the "right thing!" They know from the application form what the conviction relates to so they can't give that as an excuse! This has been ongoing since October when I first applied and now the period has passed for me to leave feedback on their site re the application process, typical!

Ha, now I have another interview at the end of the month, also NHS, so I wonder if that will be the same fiasco!